Starting out on the business journey

What drives many to set out on their own and start their business? Well, there is of course no simple answer it could that being made redundant was the spur, it could be missing out on that promotion or it could be thinking that your hobby could be a money

Can’t get through to HMRC?

Check the bulletin boards and your family and friends and ask them how easy is it to get to talk to HMRC about a problem you have regarding your tax.   Chances are you will be told that it was “murder trying to get through” or “I just gave up

What have accountants done for us?

I’m paraphrasing the famous Monty Python sketch “What have the Romans done for us?” because every Accountant in practice has been confronted by a prospective client who says “so what can you do for me?” In the Python sketch the answer starts with “the Aqueduct” and then the list goes

Autumn Budget 2017: 25 things you need to know

he Chancellor has presented his Budget to Parliament – here’s a summary of what was announced.   1. There are over 32 million people in work – near a record high The rise in employment over the past year has been driven by full time workers. Unemployment is also at

It’s All About the Numbers

Watching Dragons Den recently I was struck by the number of times the applicants failed to answer simple question about the profitability of their business. Was it the language used by the dragons that caused then to stumble? Or did they simply not know enough about the numbers that underpinned