Ideas To Help Your Clients Sell More

Every business has to sell to survive, but unless your client is a significant size, then they may never have really taken the time to understand how to improve how they sell their products and services. Even those with established sales teams often don’t understand how to build a compelling

Do you build your business on personal recommendations? | Get Me An Accountant

Do you build your business on personal recommendations?

If your line of work means that you get a lot of business from the personal recommendation of former customers and that you always follow up on a lead that you are duly given then you know just how effective this form of business generation can be. The question is

Keep your clients close to your chest

You work hard, in fact very hard, to get clients. They simply didn’t just turn up banging on your door the very first day you set up in practice, nor did they email in the first day your website went online. You worked hard growing your practice on a daily

Your business is unique isn’t it?

You’ve thought long and hard about starting out on your own. You’ve talked it over with family and friends and you’ve even looked at what competition you have in your area of expertise and you’ve jumped in and gone in it on your own and started out that dream business.

Turnover’s vanity Profit’s sanity

When it comes to being in business there probably has never been a better saying. What is important to any business is the bottom line and the bottom line is the profit. The top line is the turnover and turnover in £millions is of no use to the shareholders or