Recommendations cut both ways

The reality is that the majority of new business for any accountant is from recommendations from existing clients. I know it’s not as sexy as if we were able to say from social media or via direct message on Twitter of Facebook or off our wonderful Practice App but it

If clients don’t listen to your advice

Do you value the advice you give? If the answer is YES, do you actually charge for providing the advice? If the answer is NO, are you surprised that the client doesn’t act upon the advice or seeks an alternative solution? Being in practice means that you have to earn

Do Clients interact or talk?

Being in practice means two issues are vitally important to us, namely client acquisition and client retention. Both are vital and both actually involve real people. Existing clients are known to us, we have spoken to them on numerous if not countless times and we understand their business and their

Out of Office? Get it right

We are all familiar with the ubiquitous “out of office” notification on email addresses and there is no doubt it serves a purpose. If we are on holiday or are likely to be away from the office we can let clients etc. know and it can be used to re-direct

Ideas To Help Your Clients Sell More part 2

Every business has to sell to survive, but unless your client is a significant size, then they may never have really taken the time to understand how to improve how they sell their products and services. Even those with established sales teams often don’t understand how to build a compelling