Keep your clients close to your chest

You work hard, in fact very hard, to get clients. They simply didn’t just turn up banging on your door the very first day you set up in practice, nor did they email in the first day your website went online. You worked hard growing your practice on a daily

Your business is unique isn’t it?

You’ve thought long and hard about starting out on your own. You’ve talked it over with family and friends and you’ve even looked at what competition you have in your area of expertise and you’ve jumped in and gone in it on your own and started out that dream business.

Turnover’s vanity Profit’s sanity

When it comes to being in business there probably has never been a better saying. What is important to any business is the bottom line and the bottom line is the profit. The top line is the turnover and turnover in £millions is of no use to the shareholders or

Why did you start up your own business?

So what was it that caused you to start up your own business? Did you lose your job and think well I’ve nothing to lose? Did you come into a few pounds and think I’ll put this to good use and start that business? Did you feel that you were

In control of your business or is it truthfully Vice Versa

You started the business on a high mixed with some apprehension but your family and friends were supportive and you threw yourself into the work. As time moved on the business picked up so the initial worries about not earning enough to look after the family faded but they were