In reply to the question “Do you think HMRC really care about you and your business?” Is your answer an immediate YES or do you think that maybe they care more about getting money from you than helping you? Do you think they are targeting small businesses while leaving big businesses to their own devices? Do you have friends and colleagues that have been subjected to an HMRC investigation which they felt went too far?
If the HMRC you know and fear are of the type of organisation that most certainly don’t care about your business then you are far from alone. Millions of taxpayers in business choose to believe that the least involvement they have with HMRC frankly the better. That’s why they have accountants operating on their behalf acting in their best interests and as a buffer between them and the taxman.
Finding a good accountant is usually done via a recommendation from a friend or colleague who can vouch for the accountant but if you don’t know someone in the first place finding a good accountant can be quite daunting as all the website look and say the same things mostly.
If you are in this position and are looking to get an accountant or even to change your accountant then use the comparison website that take the pain out of finding a suitable accountant for you and the site is simply called “get me an accountant”
Of course if you think HMRC are a caring organisation dedicated to helping you pay the correct amount of tax and always available to help your business then you have nothing to fear or do.