You’ve set up your business with an impressive looking website, nice headed stationery incorporating a thoughtful logo, you have a business ‘phone line sorted and a mobile contact and yet you don’t have as much business as you’d hoped for.

You’ve reviewed your advertising and changed your business cards but still you’re not setting the business world on fire. What could be wrong?

Here are a couple of things that unless you rectify them will as they say “do you no favours”


1) Do you answer the telephone?

“Of course I answer the ‘phone” you say but do you and in fact should you always answer the ‘phone. Just think if every time someone rings you always answer then it’s fairly obvious that you are a one man/woman band with no staff which is not what you are trying to convey on your website. Do you always put call divert on your ‘phone for those occasions that you are working away from your office? And is that a good idea? Again just think the call is diverted to your mobile so again it’s always you answering which is not a good thing and now you are working at another site and taking calls which is a distraction workwise and how does the customer you are actually with feel about you answering calls?
So check out telephone answering services and get another voice answering your calls.


2) Do you still use a generic email?

What does your email address say about you? Well if you are using a generic Hotmail or Gmail account not an awful lot.