It’s hard enough running your own business but when you have run the business to suit H M Revenue and Customs it becomes even more of a chore.

You know you have to keep records and of course there is that pesky vat threshold to keep an eye open for to say nothing about hiring that apprentice ,now you read that in a couple of years your excel spreadsheets are not digital enough for HMRC!

The answer is often staring you in the face. If you want a heads up on the latest from HMRC and the tax system and you need help with vat or payroll then put simply get yourself an accountant because tax, vat, payroll and HMRC issues are what they are about and that’s what they do and every accountant will either provide you with a bookkeeper to take all the pressure off OR if you feel you can handle the time pressures they will help you set up a system that works for you.

Your business, whatever it is, depends on you making the right decisions at varying times and there are times when you realise that you need help and usually it is to do with finance or HMRC and that’s where and Accountant will help.

In your line of work the worst customers are the DIY enthusiasts who have caused untold damage and now need your help to get things sorted so why do you think you will do better with your DIY tax and books?

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