Every business has to sell to survive, but unless your client is a significant size, then they may never have really taken the time to understand how to improve how they sell their products and services. Even those with established sales teams often don’t understand how to build a compelling sales story that will make potential customers want to talk, or to get the best results from their sales team.


We’ve put together a few topics that you can discuss with your clients to help identify possible areas for improvement.


1. Objectives

If your client doesn’t have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve, by when and how they’re going to get there, then it’s highly unlikely that they’ll achieve real success in a manageable way. Breaking long-term objectives down into manageable, time-bound activities makes it easier to achieve the big picture, monitor progress along the way and make adjustments if they’re required.


2. How Does Your Client Help Customers?

Many sales people try to sell on the basis of features and benefits (“our widget will save you time” or “a new website will improve the image of your business”). The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t give the potential customer any real understanding of the value that the product or service delivers. Translating features and benefits into business value isn’t easy but it’s critical in convincing a potential customer that investing in your client’s product makes commercial sense.


3. Messaging

Most businesses have a web site, send emails to potential customers or talk to them on the phone, but unless these different communication methods are used effectively, then they’re simply wasting time and effort. Your client will only grab a potential customer’s attention if the sales messages actually communicate the real business value of the product or service.


Ideas to help your client sell more 4-7 coming soon!

By Phil Sayers

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