Watching tele last night and up came the advert for printing business cards. This one was for some form of architect or quantity survey and the owner was looking at the end result namely their business cards which cost negligible amounts of money.
I then got thinking about all the shops and places I had recently visited and couldn’t remember picking up or being offered a single business card. In many shops the cards are there, usually in a neat box by the side of the cash register and there they stay gathering dust and unloved. When I say gathering dust that’s not entirely true as the box they are in is often picked up and the counter underneath duly dusted but no one looks to the top card and dusts that do they? Why not staple a card to my receipt? Or offer a card when tendering change?
Service businesses are just as bad only this time the box of business cards is usually to be seen sliding along the dashboard of a van from whence it gets shoved into the glove compartment and never sees the light of day.
Seriously, business cards are becoming less important with the march of the Internet and Apps but they still have a place and if you have spent time and effort in designing and printing them at the very least make sure that you give them out.