Check the bulletin boards and your family and friends and ask them how easy is it to get to talk to HMRC about a problem you have regarding your tax.


Chances are you will be told that it was “murder trying to get through” or “I just gave up ion the end” or even “you know I wish I’d never started” and that’s just about trying to get through.

Once finally having been put through was there a decent answer to the question?


HMRC have suffered so many budget cuts that it is no surprise that they are pushing us all to engage digitally even though many of us still want to talk through a problem rather than try to put it all in an email or letter.


The answer of course to these problems is to get yourself an accountant because they will answer the ‘phone, they will respond to your questions in a thoughtful and measured way and they are on your side.

Now if you are an employee then appointing an accountant may not be the most cost effective answer to your situation but why not ask the question about cost and see if it is in your budget.


If you are elf-employed or running a small business either via your own limited company or a partnership then Accountants cost are tax deductible and you can wave goodbye to endless hours on the ‘phone trying to get through.


Accountants are there to help you sort your affairs out in a sensible way so stop moaning about HMRC never answering the phone and begin dealing with the answers you get from your Accountant.


By Tony Margaritelli