Raising finance can be an actual nightmare as you and the bank seem to be talking in a different language and by the time you finish the forecasts they insist upon they say they are already out of date and want you to start again.

It’s bad enough that the bank want to have security against virtually everything you possess for even a small amount but the time and effort it takes would test the patience of Job.
Borrowers have been known to have to produce quarterly and annual sales forecasts with gross profit margins as well as forecast cash flows followed by a projected Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet and all while you run the business that will keep them in business.

How do you overcome this problem? Well the first and best answer is “Get Yourself an Accountant” it’s what they do and what they understand and they seem to speak the same language as the bank and are able to interpret so that you also understand, and if you already have an accountant who is seemingly uninterested in helping then change to one who will.