Did you know that last year our chums at HMRC started over 1,000 prosecutions? Did you know that over 25% of these prosecutions was for less than £10,000?

Now what does this tell us about HMRC and taxpayers alike? Well it shows that HMRC are undoubtedly picking on easy targets to raise revenue when the like of multi nationals etc appear to basically decide on how much they want to pay and take it from there.

Small businesses are targets. That is what is happening and despite friendly webinars, tweets and the like HMRC will react if you aren’t up to date either with your books and most definitely with your payments.

If you want to ensure that you are up to date with your books, that you know exactly what your present and future tax payments are and are likely to be and that you have both an ally against HMRC’s accusations and someone who will do this enabling you to run your business AND have a life then you need an Accountant.

Here at Get Me An Accountant we take the stain and worry out of getting you the Accountant you need.