It’s a common saying and every business person should take it to heart and always think before clicking “buy” on a website or placing any order even with long established suppliers.

The world has moved into the digital era, therefore everything is about speed and no one wants to waste precious time which is why we have favourites on our computer, because it saves time.

But when used in a buying context this can be a big mistake because the small timesaving we can make can be costly. Just because a supplier was once cheaper than others or just because we have been customers for a long time and get a discount doesn’t mean that the price is the cheapest.

Make it a point to always review the Internet for expenditure over a certain amount to make sure that you are getting the best value for your £££s and if you find that it is available at a lower price there is absolutely no harm in pointing this out to your existing supplier to see if they will match the price.

Now you can spend a lifetime trolling through the Internet trying to whittle down a price and before you know it you have spent too long so be disciplined in your search and the sites you visit.