You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and a customer will always judge your business based on their first impression. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that their first impression of your business is a good one. There are a few ways for your business to make a good first impression. Three of them include Service Knowledge, Presentation and Dress Code as explained below.

Service Knowledge
It is important that your employees know everything about the services which you offer. The quickest way to make a bad impression for your business is if a customer questions your employee about your services and your employee is unable to answer them. That will give the customer a bad impression of your business. It is your employee’s responsibility to answer those questions correctly and in a way that entices the customer to purchase your services.

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant or a small office, presentation is everything. When a customer visits your company the state of your premises can have a direct effect on whether that customer decides to do business with you, particularly if you own a restaurant or retail outlet. So make sure that your business is presented in the right way.

Dress Code
Customers have expectations as to how employees of a company should dress. Regardless of the type of company, a customer will expect employees to dress in a particular way, if the employee is dressed differently than expected it will alter the customers’ impression of your business. Therefore, think about the image which you want to project to your customers and make sure your employees adhere to that image.