Marketing isn’t rockets science, sometimes it’s just about using common-sense. If you are in a business that has direct customers like a plumber or a painter or a motor mechanic, then applying simple steps will help you enormously going forward:

  • Get your customers Full Name, especially their Christian name
  • Get their correct postal address including the postcode
  • Get their contact details, phone numbers, mobile and landline
  • Get their email address
  • When you get home make a note of their line of business or work
  • Make a note of what work you did for them
  • Contact them to leave a review or endorsement on your website or on Social Media

How you file this information is up to you, you can use digital means such as spreadsheets or you can use any of a number of Apps that are available and you could even go old school and use an address book if you want. Now if we use Marketing terms you now have a customer database that you can use for tele-sales, email marketing, text marketing and even direct mail.
So as you see it’s not rocket science after all is it?