No matter what business you are in when someone says thank you for a job well done do you seize the moment or do you just mutter something like “Thanks a lot” or even “It’s nothing it’s what I do”.

Humility is a great trait to have but in business it won’t help you get the next contract or job of work.
If someone is kind enough to offer a compliment about your work try to seize the moment and ask would they be happy to post a recommendation on your website or would they mind if you quoted them on your website if external postings are not available.

If you don’t yet have a website than how about asking them if they wouldn’t mind recommending your services to family and friends and if they don’t mind giving you names and addresses, you can always offer them an incentive for every recommendation that bears fruit.
Whatever happens don’t go away without getting something tangible rather than just a good feeling.