Running your own business? Are you a newcomer to business or been established for a while now? Have you experience that moment when you find yourself shaking your head and muttering under your breath Get me an Accountant.

So what is that get me an accountant moment? Well you’ve been at work all day and you are staring at a column of figures which adamantly refuse to add up twice to the same figure, that’s a Get me an accountant moment.

You’ve opened a letter in the morning and found its from H.M. Revenue and Customs, the taxman, and they say they are unhappy with the tax return you sent in and want to look at a great long list of items, that’s a Get me an accountant moment.

Business is going well and you want to invest in a new piece of equipment and the bank ask for cash flow forecasts and projections which you have no idea how to produce that’s a Get me an accountant moment.

A friend has mention about the benefits of registering a business for vat and whilst you are trading below the vat threshold you wonder how can voluntarily registering help you? That’s a Get me an accountant moment.

If any of these ring a bell with you then you know what we mean.

Here at get me an accountant we help you find an accountant that is local to you from our vast number of qualified accountants. At get me an accountant we put you in touch with an accountant who will meet with you and take away those feelings of isolation and financial worries. We help find you the ideal accountant that will help with your annual accounts, income tax returns, and vat returns and when you grow sufficiently to need staff will help with prepare wages and sort out your paye for you.

To put it bluntly we GET YOU AN ACCOUNTANT

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