“There are only 24 Hours in a day and I’d like to use some of them to sleep and some of them to relax and some of them to spend with my family”. Quote from a colleague who was explaining to a customer why he had not returned his call that Sunday.
Your business is important to you and your family but is it MORE important?

That is a question only YOU can answer but if you think family and personal health are more important then you have to take that position and whenever you find work trespassing on your personal life you have to stop and take a step back and think of the consequences.
If your business can only survive or be profitable by working inordinately long hours then the obvious conclusion to draw is that you are too cheap.

Or to quote another of my friend’s sayings “Any fool can work for 50 hours for 20 hours pay but it’s hard to get paid for 50 hours work after 20 hours” so which model do you want to work towards?