You have obviously picked up on some of the myriad stories that are all over the internet about the new initiative from HM Revenue and Customs about making our tax system fully digital in the very near future. The taxman has decided that he doesn’t want businesses to use spreadsheets for their business records nor for that matter a pen and paper; he wants everything in a digital format.


What you have picked up on is the thread that it is possible to use your mobile to take a picture of your invoices and send them to your records, which you may be familiar with.
You don’t have to do this and indeed you may well be exempt from all this but the single best way to find out how it will affect your business is to ask someone who knows and that will be your Accountant.

Your Accountant knows your business, knows whether you are or are not likely to be exempt from the proposed new system and indeed whether you have to make any changes whatsoever to the way you keep your records now.

So give them a call and I’m sure they will put your mind at rest but if you still are looking for an Accountant or your present Accountant doesn’t seem to have a full grasp of the situation then now might well be the time to actually use our services to “Get me an accountant”.