So what was it that caused you to start up your own business? Did you lose your job and think well I’ve nothing to lose? Did you come into a few pounds and think I’ll put this to good use and start that business? Did you feel that you were not being appreciated at work and thought I can do better? Whatever the reason is being your own boss more or less worrying that being a wage earner?


Only people in business can truly answer these questions because no matter how clever someone is until they have made the plunge and find themselves completely in control of their own destiny they cannot truly understand what it means to start up a business. They cannot understand the stresses and strains it places on a family unit when regular wages are replaced by irregular receipts BUT you know they also can never understand the feeling of exhilaration when a new customer is secured or a contract is agreed and signed, they can never understand the feeling of joy and maybe pride that comes when you decide that you will attend your child’s play at school and don’t have to ask anyone’s permission or look at a rota to see if you can be spared.


Running a business is not for the faint hearted but whatever the reason you started your business the best advice is to always look for the best possible advice and support that will help you along your journey, you can’t know everything and no one expects you to so don’t feel uncomfortable in asking for help and sometimes when the business gets you down try and remember why you started it.