You’ve thought long and hard about starting out on your own. You’ve talked it over with family and friends and you’ve even looked at what competition you have in your area of expertise and you’ve jumped in and gone in it on your own and started out that dream business.


To you this is your baby, your brainchild and whilst their maybe plenty or maybe not so much competition your business is unique because it’s yours and no one else’s.


So when you have a problem or come up against something that you didn’t think about who do you turn to for help? Who can possibly understand YOUR business? Who can possibly understand YOUR way of working and what is driving YOU to succeed?


There is one person who actually can fulfill all of your qualifications as your advisor and that’s an accountant. They handle hundreds of businesses many of them just like yours, they look after and understand what drives entrepreneurs because just like you they are one as well and unlike you they have been in the business for some years and have a host of contacts that they can call upon if they, themselves are uncertain.


There are no more bank managers, there are fewer and fewer solicitors in the towns and we all know what use a “business coach” is don’t we? But there are still Accountants in virtually every city, town or village and if you prefer to deal via the Internet then the options are endless and you will have to hone your searches to find the right one for you. An Accountant becomes a part of your business and can bring so much help to bear assuming as ever that you want or need it.


So is your business unique? Of course it is but does that mean you have to handle everything yourself? No the answer of course is “get me an accountant”